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Friday, 16 May 2008


Finally, finally, finally, we have a house going UP! After Ivy's birthday in Febuary we had weeks & weeks of rain (not to mention all the rain between new year & Ivy's b'day!). Then Kim hurt his back & couldn't work for a couple of weeks, the latter of these the weather cleared up so that was very frustrating. Then his back got better, the weather was good but he had to put some skylights into someone else's house who had been waiting ages for some rain free days  to have it done, so our place had to wait.
 Eventually everything fell into place, health, weather, timing, kids, work, & Kim has been able to get a good solid 2 weeks on the house & we have a basic frame about 3/4's done. It's fabulous to see the layout now & the size of windows, french doors, etc. Now, after 2 very long, hard years, we have a house happening!!


        putting down the chipboard flooring, Pete, Renie & George lending a hand!


                                Our first wall! back eastern corner, back of the bathroom

                 Finn always there to give Dad a word of advice or a helping hand.





East side with bathroom & bedroom windows.


Kim in our bedroom, french doors opening out onto the deck.


Kim's enjoying his Paslode nail gun!


View from our bedroom window, the caravan & shed will no longer be there, just my parked car.


East wall, first window is our bedroom, next is the bathroom. I have always dreamed of living in a light flooded house, hence the BIG windows!
There will be a walk through wardrobe in between with large glass bricks for light.


Finn lending a hand with the broom. He made the "floor" on the right with oregon offcuts.
He'll be building houses by the time he's 10!


Building inspectors



Above & below- a maze of framing! Bedroom, walk through wardrobe, bathroom & 2nd toilet.



                     Finn standing in between the 2 kids bedrooms,
              big windows at the back, built in wardrobes betweens the 2.


Taken from the West side looking across the living room.


Taken through the bathroom window.


A little fairy in the garden ( :

Well, there's a bit of a catch up post! I will try & post more often now things are progressing nicely. I often get put off by posting because it's been so long since my last post there's so much to catch up on & I don't have time!
Please feel free to leave comments, we love getting comments, especially those of encouragement to help us through our very long, often difficult days  ( :


Kat said...

Hi toni,
Just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to us all. With a bit of tenacity and sheer faith in yourself and your lovely husband you will look back at this time in your life and realise that it has made you a stronger and better person. Challenges and times of hardship are put upon us to make us appreciate the smaller things in life. I believe that God has lessons for us all to learn and sometimes we do not understand them until we have risen above what has challenged us.It is an immensely grounding and fufilling experience and it truly makes us appreciate what we actually do have but were blinded to actually see it.You have so much love and amazingly beautiful energy surrounding you, you will get through this time in your life and I can't wait to see your beautiful creation unfold.
Your children are just sooo beautiful and they really do look like a picture of health. It is so refreshing to see a hardworking Mother who really cares about her children's health. I commend you for your wonderful dedication to your children.
Just remember how special you really are, your work never goes unnoticed.
Your beautiful soul shines through the computer, you have achieved so much already.
Love, peace and happiness
Kat xoxoxoxo

Toni said...

11/10/08 It was SOOOO nice to receive this comment out of the blue last week! I receive very few comments on my blog, even though a lot of people read it. I don't know Kat, so to know that there are people out there with so much heart means more than I can express. It was also very timely, coming some time after I left this post but at a time that I was being badly judged by some people in our life. Thank you Kat, I really appreciate it ( ;

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