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Sunday, 22 April 2007

slow but steady

Progress is slow lately due to a number of things. We went away for 5 days over Easter to the national Folk Festival in Canberra. Camping with a baby & a toddler is a questionable activity but the teens were keen to do something & camping is the only things that fits our budget at the moment. I got the festival tickets for half price on eBay, saved $300. Thank goodness for eBay! The trip was OK, nice to get away but so much preparation & effort to get there & then we didn't sleep well, it was cold at night. We slept in the truck, Kim rigged up a canopy to fully enclose the back. Ivy slept in a hammock hanging over the bed & that worked well.
I had 35 eBay parcels go missing in the post just before Easter, only to be returned to me after 4 weeks with apparently not enough postage on them, which was bollocks & caused huge amounts of stress & lack of sleep & gave me 6 negative feedback from very unkind people who refused to believe I had even posted their items, or held me responsible for the loss in the post. I had a major downer for a few weeks there, it all just got toooo hard. Anyway , that's all sorted now, although a couple of people are still saying they haven't got there parcels so hopefully the sage won't continue.
We have a sewer out on the block now, & Kim is in the middle of connecting a toilet. He has built a very cute little out house & I picked up an old door for $5 at a garage sale this morning to go on it. Kim's mum & stepdad George & Barb are visiting this week for a few days from Vic. so we have been giving the caravan a good clean & making it as homely as we can so they can stay in it. Just need some curtains so I'll be off to Vinnie's tomorrow.
Our budget's taken a bit of a blow with the head on our van that we sold to friends cracking, the mechanic says it's been cracked for a while so we sold it like that, consequently have offered to pay half of the $2500 repair. The truck needed new tires, another $700, & I haven't been earning much with all the eBay drama, too stressed to work & the time taken up emailing 35 upset buyers. Plus a week off over Easter & the cost of the trip, it's all taken a toll on the bank balance. I need to work!! I also need to night wean Ivy who is waking more & more through the night to feed. I started last night & she cried in my arms from about midnight to 1.30am before falling asleep. I gave in to her a 3.30am, too tired to resist. The again at 6.30am & we were up at 7. So if this entry is not making much sense you now know why!
We've had Eddie back with the excavator as we had a bit of water accumulate in one corner of the building site during a storm before Easter so it obviously wasn't flat. We have him coming back again on Friday to dig the holes for our pier supports. Kim decided that 108 holes would be easier with an auger. Eddie reckons about 30 seconds a hole! So next weekend we might be building piers!!

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