A diary of our family's house building project in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. Also my ponderings on family life, living with Asperger's Syndrome, running an ebay business & a place to share my photography.

Saturday, 31 March 2007


We have power! Electricity that is! Successfully connected today & well under budget so we are very pleased. it all went smoothly with no hiccups. The trench will remain open while we organise the sewer & water next week, gap & phone lines after that.
The lights in the caravan even work!
The meter box is positioned exactly where it will sit once the house is built so there'll be no moving it at that time (planned to reduce electricains cost). We are pleased to have found an electrician taking Bartercard so that reduces the cash expenditure nicely. He & the plumber are both happy to let Kim do a lot of the preparation work too & have both offered to give advice along the way. So we have had nothing but good experiences with tradesmen so far.
better try & sleep, it's 3.30 am & I've been lying awake worrying about a few parcels I've sent going missing in the post lately. Someone left me negative feedback so I guess I'd better prepare myself for more, ebay buyers seem to not understand that I can't prevent loss in the post, somehow I am to blame. I get so upset by it, not to mention the rude emails. If only people could be nice, it's so hard to take when I am so tired. It is strange that several parcels have vanished so I will have to call the PO on Monday & try & track them down. Until then I'll try to not stress about my feedback & people thinking that I'm a crook?!!

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