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Sunday, 10 January 2010

mud fight

Every now again I get to enjoy all 4 of my children hanging out at home with me.
I love those times so much.
Yesterday was hot. I decided to empty the paddling pool, which was dirty, filled with gum leaves & 2 weeks worth of rain water, so we could refill it & get the little people cooled down. Emptying large amounts of water into dry red earth creates mud.
This is what followed.

careful of Mum's new car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where was Finn?? Hiding. Sensory overload, these type of activities are hard to cope with if you are autistic. After everyone calmed down, Chelsea & Kim went grocery shopping, Brody hopped in the shower & Ivy was watching a video, Finn went outside on his own & happily covered himself in mud for an hour ( :


Denise said...

Toni - my 16 year old daughter thinks your son is cute and has a nice body!!! I agree EWWWW is that gross for an old lady to say out loud? Oh well I did!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Toni,
happy new year, the kids look so happy ! it must feel great to actually LIVE there. here's to a fabulous year X

Love 'n Light said...

Hi Toni, you have a beautiful family.
The mud fights look like so much fun, these are good memories for your children to carry as they grow.
May you all enjoy good health and happiness for years to come, in your new home.

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