A diary of our family's house building project in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. Also my ponderings on family life, living with Asperger's Syndrome, running an ebay business & a place to share my photography.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

stormy weather

Today we had a summer storm come over, & stop right over us for the afternoon.
We had a huge amount of thunder, lightening, rain & hail.
Ivy was off at day care, Brody was off at his 1st day of year 11 & Finn was home, having refused to go to day care, even though Kim & I really needed him to go so we could work, after losing a day care day to Australia Day.
When Finn decides, he decides.

The lightning hit about 35 meters from our house. It tore a tree to shreds. It was very impressive, although not at the time! I was working away on my laptop, secure in my knowledge that we had good quality surge protectors. I felt a strong tingle through my hand at the same time as I heard the incredible bang & Finn's scream behind me. I had him in my arms in a split second & we clung to each other like terrified limpets.
I saw smoke out the window & sent Kim out to check for fire, then thought , omg, is that safe? He assured me that lightening never strikes in the same place twice, well actually he assured me that that's what "they" say!!! Finn & I followed him out & took these photos of the shattered tree the lightening had hit:

I took this one not to show all our mess but to show how close it was to our house! You can see the raw split up tree in the background.

this taken from our deck.

10 meters from the kids cubby.

shreds of gum tree everywhere!

Finn with a shard of tree that was on the dirt road.

shards of tree everywhere!!

Finn playing in the rivers of water with his lightening offshoot.

We had so much more lightening, thunder, hail & torrential rain this afternoon, if was intense & quite draining! Finn was a basket case by the end of the day, ran around playing with Brody until he bashed his front teeth on a wrought iron chair. Then he was in pain until bedtime, even with a dose of Panadol. Hopefully we won't see black teeth in the next few weeks! He has such a high pain threshold, we know that if he's in pain & showing it it's bad ) :


mandy said...

Oh Toni! That would be so scary! Glad it didn't hit the house!! Poor Finn. I hope his teeth are OK and that he's doing better tomorrow. :(

G. said...

Wow, you guys were lucky. Great inspiration for photography! I think that storm got up to here last night, we had plenty of rain and thunder... Makes a nice change after a very long, hot summer.

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