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Friday, 2 March 2007

The Beginning

2 FEB 07
Well here I go with my 1st post to my 1st blog! I have been planning this for a while but haven't made the time to do it. At least I've started before the house has begun, as that's the whole idea behind this, to keep a log of our house building project here in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains, 2 hours drive West of Sydney, NSW, Australia.
We purchased our half acre (2200 square metre) block of bush land in May 2006, put a building application in to council some months later (nothing happens quickly when you have 2 children under 2!) & received our approved BA in late January 2007. So this month we have begun clearing the house site, shed site & parking space. It is a lot of hard work & we have had lots of chainsaw trouble (the joy of doing everythingon a tight budget) but we're getting there. I keep busy carting & stacking firewood (usually with 1 year old Ivy on my back) while Kim keeps on falling & cutting trees. We already have about 3 years worth of firewood stacked! Finn, now 2.5 years, is absolutely loving it. He has his toy chainsaws that make realistic noises , one even has a chain that moves, so he is giving daddy lots of help. He is also great at carting firewood, he would have carted 100 pieces over the last couple of weeks! Yesterday he was on the "block" for about 6 hours, skipped his afternoon nap, & just did not stop. He got to the point of falling over every few minutes he was so tired & nearly got a stick in his eye at one point but still didn't want to go home! In the end I had to insist with the promise of jumping on the bed with Brody (13 yr old big brother) to entice him into the car. With his help we'll have our house built in no time lol!

Our goal is to build our 4 bedroom house to completion for $60 000. That incudes everything from bank fees for the mortgage to all sevice connection & all materials, tradesmen (plumber & electrician), etc. "Your dreaming!" I hear you say? We'll see ( :


Omer Masood Ali said...

everything is good but remember cutting down trees for your own happiness is the worst sin.There are many other options to stay close to nature.

Toni said...

wow, I got a comment!!! It might be from a fundamentalist in India but I got a comment lol!! Rest assures we are as green as they come & have cut down as few trees as possible, we had to make room for our house though! Plus, there are council & RFS regulations regarding distances from the house that have forced us to remove a couple.

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