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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

SHED COMPLETE...well, nearly!! AND.. a cubby house!

As usual everything has been very slow but things are happening. We have a shed, almost completed & ready to become a workshop. we bought this shed quite some time ago off ebay & Kim has made it slightly bigger, so we've had to find extra colourbond to fill in the gaps. We'll eventually reclad it with corrugated iron & add a pitched roof & verandah to match the house, but for now it will do the job.
The kids have a very cute little cubby which they love! Happy kids mean more work done, so it was a small sacrifice of time to move it from the house Kim has been working on in Leura & it was a bargain at $80. Of course Kim being Kim had to do his modifications, make it stronger & add a ramp in place of the silly little stairs that ivy would have fallen on several times a day! The verandah also got a new railing. Next project for them will be a big sandpit next to the cubby when we find some sleepers.
This week Kim & Finn are off to Victoria to collect our flooring that we bought on ebay (of course). It is 150m2 of victorian Ash, 25 mm thick that we got for $10 a square metre. Worth a trip to Victoria & Kim will spend the weekend in Melobourne catching up with friends. as he hasn't been back in 4.5 years. Chelsea may also go with them as she is desparate to go visit NICA (National Institute for Circus Arts). I'm waiting on a call from her class teacher to hear if she's been keeping up with everything before deciding if she can have 4-5 days off school. She's been a bit slack this year& has been told to pull her finger out. This is her last term of year 10.
I'll be staying home to try & creat some order in our tiny, chaotic house. And of course, keep ebaying!
The weather has improved & days are actually quite nice. Hope it lasts as I am over this winter, the coldest since we've been in the mountains. The kids just love playing outside & it's been so cold they can't spend much more than 30 minutes without something turning purple!

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