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Friday, 10 August 2007

40 today!!

I wrote this 3 days ago on my birthday & saved the draft but didn't get a chance to add to it, so here it is:
yes, I'm 40 years old today!! A new decade beginning...Boy I hope it will be an easier one than the last decade which has been rich & rewarding but overwhelmingly full & way too busy to the point of chaos! I've lived in 7 different houses in the last 10 years. I have one more move to do & I won't be going anywhere for a long while!!

I spent the first half of my birthday at the hospital (life is never boring) with brody who woke complaining of a painful neck & looking like death warmed up. He also had put himself to bed at 10.15 last night saying he was really tired, this is unheard of for him, I always have to insist he goes to bed & never succeed before 10.30 at the earliest. He & Chelsea missed the bus this morning & while they were waiting for Kim to drive them to school he asked if he could stay home which I agreed to. Then at the last moment as Kim was leaving he changed his mind & went off to school. About an hour later I got a call from school as he was in the sick bay in tears. He had become so hot in 1st period that he said it hurt. I went & got him & took him to the hospital as my dr. was out of town today. A couple of hours later we finally saw a Dr who said the neck pain was muscular, couldn't explain the other symtems, gave him Nurofen & told me to keep him hydrated & watch out for rashes. He's slept most of the afternoon so he's definitely not himself but I don't know what's wrong. They went swimming yesterday following a trip to the national Museum, I think he may have caught a bug from the pool.

We came home & popped a bottle of champagne & Kim made us a lovely brunch of smoked salmon, capers, scrambled eggs, brie, sourdough & advocado, yum!! Chelsea arrived home too as she had a half day today, tomorrow is school open day so teachers needed time to prepare.

This afternoon I did a bt of work, we tidied the house a little, went out for some op-shopping (about the only shopping our budget allows for) & played with the kids. I have been hanging out for my birthday present to arrive but I knew it probably wouldn't as I ordered it too late. I have bought myself my long dreamt of SLR digital camera, a brand spanking new Canon 30D with 18-55 & 75-300 lenses. We can't afford it & it was paid for straight out of our building funds so it was a real indulgence but I am so happy about it!! I never buy anything for myself & I work so damned hard I decided I deserve it! I've wanted this camera for years now.

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