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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Finn is 4

I thought I'd better pop this post in before months had gone past!

Finn turned 4 on July 23rd. He was such a happy boy to be having a birthday & he had such a great day! His birthday was on a Wednesday & we had his party on the Sunday. Grandma & Pop George were here for the week helping us get the roof on the house. Pete & Renie came up on the Saturday to give him a present & Pete helped with the roof. The weather was glorious & he glowed with smiles in the sun.
I had asked Grandma to bake a cake for him as she's more of a cake whiz than me & as usual I was flat out with my work, but he insisted on an ice cream cake. he's never even had an ice cream cake so I have no idea where he got the idea. He wanted "3 coloured" ice cream (which we never buy) & he wanted strawberries on top. So shopping we went & he got his ice cream cake.

Happy Birthday big boy! 4 year old now!

These photos were taken over the weekend. Pete & Renie bought him the cutest rocking chair (he wouldn't sit in it for a photo) & thoughtful as always, they bought Ivy a lovely present so she didn't feel left out. Finn was very impressed with such a huge present! They then proceeded to play peek a boo with the box for half an hour, even at age 4 the packaging is still one of the highlights of the day! On the Sunday for his party Jasper & Ziggy came along with mum Stef who babysits for me, Chelsea & Brody's & their friends came & we had a cheap Coles mudcake! I would never have stooped to this a few years back but times are tough! An old friend from Pittwater Steve Wells also came along with his 3 year old Christopher so it was nice to catch up with him. It was cold & we even had a little snow!

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