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Sunday, 31 August 2008


What a great day it was when our roof was completed! Our house is starting to look like a house!
The roof isn't actually complete but at least the house is now covered. The central part of the house that juts out is our kitchen. The long lengths of roofing iron you see will be cut up high & then a roof section will come out at 90 degrees to the rest of the roof. We just had the lengths to cover it for now so Kim left it as is until he gets to the next stage.
We are VERY happy with how it's looking ( :

isn't it lovely ( :
all our hard work is finally paying off & the rewards are becoming so much more obvious.

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Looking from the east side.

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this is the back of the house as seen from our neighbour's driveway.

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We're really happy with how the house is discreet from the back due to the 900mm excavation we did. It's not much but it made a big difference. We are also delighted to hear from our neighbours Sid & Natalie that they can't see any of our house from any window of their house. This is due to the placement of their studio/garage which although small blocks us completely. We all appreciate privacy so are very pleased with this result. When you live on 1/2 an acre in the bush you don't want to look at buildings!

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the back of the house Kim's very happy with his straight lines!

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some wind shelter, it's been FREEZING!!

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1 comment:

mandy said...

Hi Toni
I'm from Sheye's workshop. I have to say that I am very impressed that you are building a house! It's somthing that my husband and I dream about doing someday. We live in this little house that is literally wedged between 2 BIG ones so I'm very envious of all your space! :) I love all your trees too.

I SO hope that I get the opportunity to visit Australia someday- I think it's just amazingly beautiful!

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