A diary of our family's house building project in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. Also my ponderings on family life, living with Asperger's Syndrome, running an ebay business & a place to share my photography.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Photos for Loulou

I took these photos (amongst many others) for my gorgeous friend loulou about 2 weeks ago. I have many more to edit but I am struggling to find the time! Starsan is 3 & was about to become a big brother. He now is, to a little brother named Crue. Photos of the little one will be taken later this week. looking forward to that!



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Charliegirl said...

Your new temporary home looks very cosy and I am sure you will be quite comfortable until your new beautiful home is complete. (beats paying rent!)It is looking fantastic and I just love the timber work. At least Chelsea isn't far from you and you can keep an eye on her! lol, as long as she is happy, and she knows she always has a home - soft place to fall! Hope Easter was fab!

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