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Thursday, 27 December 2007


This was Ivy's 2nd Christmas & Finn's 4th! It was good, although different this year. we decided to celebrate Christmas on December 21st this year, so that Chelsea & Brody could leave with Mario for the Woodford Folk Festival http://www.woodfordfolkfestival.com/ early (23rd).

We spent 3 nights at Mario's new house on Scotland island. Finn loved the boat rides, both the ferry & Mario's 'fast boat'. We took our new 2 man kayak down & he loved that too, until we put mum & dad in it with a toddler each on their laps & mum (to her shame!) capsized it. Well, it was VERY top heavy! Luckily Finn had a great time alone with dad paddling around & then another great time with Mum & Ivy, so he has some good kayaking memories, although they do seem to be the less memorable. We'll try again in a few weeks!




Brody received his new kayak that we were very proud to have picked up (in shabby condition) for $1 from a garage sale. Kim did a few minor repairs & spray painted it & it looked fabulous. Then on the big morning Brody opened his huge present & couldn't fit in it ) :
We think it must be a white water kayak, designed to be a snug fit & to be righted when rolled. We want him to be able to get OUT quickly. Especially after out little capsize with Finn & Ivy! We were out so quickly then that they hardly got their hair wet! So we are on the lookout for another one for Brody before he get's home from Queensland.

Ivy on the phone

Christmas lunch

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