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Saturday, 1 December 2007


This week our gorgeous dog Bosun left us.
He was with us for 9 years & was loved immensely. We are all in shock. He went to work with Chelsea & Brody's dad Mario, as he always does, on Wednesday this week but Mario hopped out of his car & forgot the dog. He is extremely busy this time of year, he is a yacht rigger. He has many big contracts leading up to Christmas & is always under pressure to get everything finished on time. Bosun spent the day in the car. He was still alive when Mario found him but he didn't make it. It had been hot. Telling Chelsea & Brody that news was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do as a parent. I had to wait for Kim to get home to take care of Finn & Ivy before I told them, I knew Chelsea & Brody were going to fall apart. He had to get all his tools packed away so it took him about half an hour to get home, such a long half an hour. Time seems to stand still in times like those.
We threw stuff into bags & were on the road to Sydney by 5. We went straight to the vets to say goodbye to him. That was so hard. he looked so fit & healthy & strong.
Mario was, of course, devastated. we stayed that night & the next, just crying & trying to come to terms with it. We have lost a family member.
I wish I'd taken more photos of him. 9 years of great memories will never leave us though. i miss him so much already.
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