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Tuesday, 8 January 2008


No, it wasn't a sprain. She has a fractured elbow ) :

Here she is playing with a half cast on about 3 days after the event.

Of course I now feel like a real goose!

On Sunday after the fall (new years eve) she was OK & using the arm but was whiny & it was tender. We kept checking her wrist which seemed to have full movement & no pain. It was in the afternoon when we went swimming at the lake that I noticed her very swollen elbow when she screamed in pain as I tried to get her arm into her swimsuit. She couldn't straighten it. So we took her to hospital Monday morning & had x-rays done. The Dr told me that he couldn't see a fracture & they didn't have a radiologist there until Wednesday so if the radiologist saw anything we would get a phone call. I thought it a bit strange but there wasn't much I could do so home we went. We went to a NYE party & she was happy & had a good time. Tuesday she was also fine, we had to be careful dressing her & putting her in her car seat, otherwise she was using it without pain. Tuesday night at 2am (wed. morning) she woke up in pain & was awake crying for most of the night. I knew then it was broken although had thought it was since the Monday (always trust your gut feelings!) So we were back at the hospital 1st thing Wednesday morning, she was still in tears, had hardly stopped since 2am. The radiologist took one look at the x-rays & of course saw the break instantly. They showed them to us that time & it actually seemed quite obvious.

While we were waiting for a Dr to put a plaster on she went to sleep in my arms, I put her down in a cot & they put the plaster on while she slept, she was totally exhausted. They only put a half cast on & gave us a referral to an orthapedic surgeon at Westmead for the next day at 8am. So up at 5.30, out by 6.15 & there by 8, only to be told that it was too swollen for a full plaster so come back next week! She was the youngest patient to have this type of fracture he had ever seen. He also said it is worse than it appears in the x-rays. And he will need to re-x-ray next week (this Thursday) to check for any movement as there can be complications if it moves at all including growths on the bone causing deformity as she grows! That brick pier was only 60cm tall, are we unlucky or what!

Anyway, she's coping pretty well with it & it's not stopping her from doing much but causes us much stress everytime she falls, which of course she does a fair bit. We're looking forward to getting that full plaster on to protect it a bit better. She won't let us put a plastic bag over it so we can give her a bath & the bandage around her hand is getting pretty disgusting!

Things are progressing extremely well on the house (finally!!). Kim has finished levelling all the piers, he had to make timber forms to sit on each pier & then adjust their height with cement to make them all level. We used our $5 laser beam level (garage sale find) to level them all, it was so easy! So we're now into the bearers, it's very exciting! Kim thinks he'll have the bearer's & joists finished by the end of the week & then we'll be laying the floor!!!!! OMG! It's been so hard getting to this point, if only things could go smoothly for a while. The weather is being kind, a bit of rain here & there & overcast a lot but not too bad.



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